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This one is next level. @superwolf throwing it down. b a d c
New whip 5’9” designed around the @captainfinco fins from earlier post. b a d c
7’4” b a d c
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Touching double resin pin in OG Padres brown gold for our friend @bwoodsd b a d c
5’9” b a d c
Roughed out 5’10” b a d c
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Refining a new quad template  with @captainfinco.  Thanks for sending these down. b a d c
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This photo might not look like much, but if you’ve lived in San Diego in the last 10 years you’ll know what this place was, became and now is.  It’s a perfect example when the focus shifts from quantity vs quality and exactly what I’m trying to avoid.  #2015ethics #bringbacksantanas b a d c
You don’t see many of these going through the shop.  #12’er b a d c
#FBF b a d c
Waiting for gloss. b a d c
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